Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Raveonettes: "Black/White" video + MP3

So I just found this Raveonettes video/song (Black/White), they did for the "Sound of Color" project in which "...five bands were commissioned to write five songs based on five different colors. Five directors then shot music videos of each song/color. The result is Sound of Color. Here, the Raveonettes take on the color(s) Black and White." It is directed by the award winning designer, Chris Do (Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy").

This may be old news, but since I just stumbled upon it, it's new to me...and any excuse to post about The Raveonettes is always good (I've included another video, and an MP3 of this song "Black/White" below).

The song is SO great, and I think it could have easily been included on "Lust, Lust, Lust" which in my humble opinion is one of the BETTER albums this year.

[VIDEO] The Raveonettes "Black/White - Sound of Color series"

[VIDEO] The Raveonettes "Dead Sound" from "Lust, Lust, Lust"

[MP3] The Raveonettes - Expelled From Love from "Lust, Lust, Lust" (via Box.net)
[MP3] The Raveonettes - Black/White from "unreleased" (via Box.net)

The Raveonettes - website | Myspace

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