Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ratatat, 120 Days @ The Loft, Atlanta, GA 4/10/07 : SHOW REVIEW

I must first mention that attending this show would not have been possible without the generousity of one lovely lady over at Criminal Records, Lillian. See, I won a pair of tickets to see Ratatat through a contest in their email newsletter. Just one more reason, in a list of many, that Criminal Records fucking rocks!! Don't let me catch you buying your music anywhere else suckas! Well now, on to business. 120 Days. Hmmmmm. I'm not sure what to say about them. Their music sounded good. But there's just one problem, I'm not sure if they were actually playing it live or not. They had a drummer, and he had a kit. But were the drumming sounds we heard coming from him? Hell no. It was a f'n drum machine, he just stood behind his kit and played the tambourine. OK, he did hit a tom or a cymbal every once in awhile, but come on now!! This made me question whether the rest of band was really playing or not as well. So their set was kinda soured by all my conspiracy theories. Well soured or not, I was really excited to see Ratatat. And they didn't disappoint. They had that whole hipster "I ain't gonna dance, cuz that's stupid" crowd, fucking dancing their collective asses off. I love shows like this, a really great vibe shared by all. The band didn't play any of their more down-tempo stuff which really kept the momentum going. All in all, a great show that helped me make the decision to see this band again any chance I can.

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