Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Of Montreal, Atlanta, GA @ The Variety Playhouse 2/24/07: SHOW REVIEW

First off let me apologize for using someone else's photo (my wife took the camera with her on a trip), and for using a photo of completely DIFFERENT show. Oh well, gotta work with what you got, right? So I went to see Of Montreal's sold-out show last Saturday at The Variety Playhouse. It's been awhile since I saw them last, and to tell you the truth I like the material they've put out since then a hell of a lot more than their older stuff. So needless to say I was expecting a good show. And although they did not disappoint, the sound guy should be flogged. The volume was so washed out, it was as though they were performing next to a retirement home & had to "keep it down". Other than that, it was pretty fuckin' good. Kevin & the gang are spot on musically, and every song sounded tight and different than the album version...just how I like it. Kevin switched outfits several times, going from looking like a disco elf, to an 8 ft. tall woman in a mumu (this last one was accomplished by him standing on a step ladder and covering himself in a giant dress..tres chic!). And while treating the crowd to a Led Zeppelin cover (can't remember which song, oh well), he wore a giant lobster arm which he kept pointed towards the heavens during the whole song...metallllllllll!!! The crowd was a little weird for me, a mixture of hipsters...and frat/sorority peeps, the kind of people you would expect at a Dave Matthews show. Not that I mind, I just didn't think that a cross-dressing indie band was their cup of tea...oh well. Overall a fantastic time. I was more the "dancing on the inside kind-of-guy" that night....really tired unfortunately. But Of Montreal really had the crowd going, I wish I had more energy...maybe next time. And there will be a next time, because I will see them every chance I get. What a great fucking band.

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