Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hooray For Earth...hooray! hooray!

Yesterday, I was sent the self-released & self-titled album by "Hooray For Earth". I just finished listening to it for the third time. I don't listen to albums three times unless I like them. A lot. Parts remind me of different bands, but I can't say that the songs themselves remind of anyone in particular. It's weird, I hear a little Jesus & Mary Chain,...then Pinback, even Pet Shop Boys...but only in parts, and only for a second or two. It really feels like a true amalgam of some really interesting sounds: dirty fuzz rock, soaring pop, heavy riffs, blaring synths, and a little art-punk for good measure. The vocals do definitely remind me of Rob Crow (especially on the song "Carefree"), which ain't bad. The music has the pop sensibility of some of the greatest Wrens tunes & Blue Album-era Weezer. It's ethereal and fuzzed out, and always driving...anthemic even. Truly uplifting. This is driving music folks; stereo cranked, and singing along at the top of your lungs and not giving a fuck who sees. The only thing that makes this album hard to get through, is the fact I keep hitting the back button to hear songs over again. I know what I'll be doing to pass the time on my hour and a half commute home tonight. Goddamn this is infectious.

[MP3] Hooray For Earth - Magazines (via

[MP3] Hooray For Earth - Come Again (via (highly rec'd)

Official Site | MySpace | Buy it on iTunes

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beirut Used To Be The Real People.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs (I Guess I'm Floating) earlier today, and came across what can only be described as an early Christmas gift or belated birthday present. Apparently Zach Condon, otherwise known as Beirut, recorded an album of indie/electronic songs back in 2001 called "The Joys Of Losing Weight" under the name The Real People. It has been described as: " entire electronic/experimental album in the style of Scenic World with Zach's distinctive vocals and the occasional appearance of his famous brass instrumentation." And it's amazing. Everything I loved about "Gulag Orkestar", replacing the Balkan/gypsy sound with electronica. Not unlike Ben Gibbard with his other outlet, The Postal Service. It was never released or sold, and up until now only a select handful of Zach's "peeps" have ever even heard it. Here's a few tracks from it, you can find more tracks over at IGIF here.

[MP3] The Real People (Zach Condon from Beirut) - Untitled 13 (via

[MP3] The Real People (Zach Condon from Beirut) - Untitled 18 (via

(You could find the whole album if you just try searching Google, at least that's tha' word on tha' street)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unofficial VIDEO: Deerhoof "Kidz Are So Small"

Check out this fantastic video for Deerhoof's "Kidz Are So Small" created by Face3Media out of Montreal. It has a doctor climbing into a pregnant woman's "birth canal" and out her mouth....very Deerhoof.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Matador to release expanded edition of Shearwater's "Palo Santo"

Recent Matador signees, Shearwater re-recorded/remastered their 2006 album "Palo Santo" and it will be available to us (the eager public) on April 10th. Apparently this was the band's idea not the label's, and to quote them: "...we're proud to say that this is Palo Santo as we always hoped it would be". I heard they were amazing live, as told to me by some SXSW attendees. Ah, yet another reason to save my damn money!! I was hoping that they would be heading through the Atlanta area sometime soon, but no luck. Oh well. I still haven't seen them or Will Sheff's other band, Okkervil River. So if any members, of either band reads this, please play Atlanta. Please.

Here's a track off the newly re-recorded "Palo Santo".
[MP3] Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea (via

Shearwater - Official website