Thursday, September 6, 2007

Off to the beach...

So, me and the wife are off to Isle of Palms, SC for a little weekend retreat. I'll be back in time for some fun posts on Monday, enjoy your weekend!!

[MP3] Beach House - Saltwater from "S/T" (via
[MP3] Califone - Wade in the Water from "Roomsounds" (via
[MP3] Clientele - From Brighton Beach To Santa Monica from "God Save the Clientele" (via
[MP3] The Decemberists - Summersong from "The Crane Wife" (via

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I've meant to post on this for awhile, sometimes life can be a little distracting. I was introduced to Fionn Regan by the musician whose music video is going to be my directorial debut (mad props, Brock!!), and what an introduction it was. Fionn's music hit me the same way that Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits did when I was introduced to their catalog...this is not a comparison of musical styles, but rather a comparison of the effect their music/lyrics have on my psyche. It (my psyche, that is) is not easily moved, but when it is it wanders far and completely out of my control. It is a visceral experience, rendering rich visuals & painting a place in my subconscious that I don't want to leave for conscious reality anytime soon. That is my benchmark for success in art/music, and Fionn scores a 10.0. I really can't recommend this new album, "The End of History" enough. You should judge for yourself though. Check out the two MP3s below, and if you feel so inclined, purchase his album from your favorite local independent record store (if you live in Atlanta, might I suggest purchasing it from Criminal Records).

[MP3] Fionn Regan - Put A Penny In The Slot from "The End of History" (via
[MP3] Fionn Regan - Be Good or Be Gone from "The End of History" (via

Fionn Regan - website | Myspace

Oh, and this video for "Be Good or Be Gone" is pretty cool too. It's kind of "live", he was filmed playing the song in many places, and then the multiple takes were edited together KEEPING the actual audio from the footage as opposed to putting the recorded version of the song back overtop. I like.

[VIDEO] Fionn Regan "Be Good or Be Gone"

09/08 - Bestival, Isle Of Wight, UK
09/15 - Longhorn Ballroom (w/ Lucinda Williams), Dallas, TX
09/16 - ACL Festival (Austin Ventures Stage), Austin, TX
09/19 - WorkPlay Theatre, Birmingham, AL
09/20 - The 5 Spot, Atlanta, GA
09/21 - The Basement (w/ Teddy Thompson), Nashville, TN
09/22 - Rudyard Kipling, Louisville, KY
09/24 - Lake Shore Theatre, Chicago, IL
09/26 - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON
09/27 - Cabaret, Montreal, Quebec
09/28 - Lizard Lounge, Boston, MA
09/29, 30 - Irving Plaza (w/ Lucinda Williams), New York, NY
10/02, 03, 04 - Town Hall (w/ Lucinda Williams), New York, NY
10/06 - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco, CA
10/08 - Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA
10/10 - World Cafe Live Downstairs, Philadelphia, PA
10/12 - Blender Theater @ Gramercy, New York, NY
10/13 - IOTA Club & Cafe, Arlington, VA
10/14 - Cultural Center Theater, Charleston, WV
10/22 - Social, Nottingham, UK
10/23 - Little Civic, Wolverhampton, UK
10/24 - Komedia, Brighton, UK
10/26 - Cockpit, Leeds, UK
10/27 - Night and Day, Manchester, UK
10/28 - King Tuts, Glasgow, Scotland
10/30 - Plug, Sheffield, UK
10/31 - Kings College, London, UK
11/01 - Fleece, Bristol, UK
11/03 - Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Holy crap is this band fucking loud. Their music is a literal wall of sound...beautiful, tangible, organic sound. Highly recommended!

[MP3] A Place To Bury Strangers - My Weakness from "S/T" (via
A Place To Bury Strangers - website | Myspace

How do I explain the Liars? Not sure, but this song reminds me of looking over the edge of a 30-story bldg. when you're afraid of heights...exhilarating, piercing & overwhelming all at the same time. This whole album is also recommended!

[MP3] Liars - What Would They Know from "S/T" (via
Liars - website | Myspace

I've been traveling a bit, as of late, and this what I listened to on my way back from New York...which was perfect because this is definitely exploratory music. Take your time with this album, it will not disappoint.

[MP3] Nina Nastasia And Jim White - How Will You Love Me? from "You Follow Me" (via
Nina Nastasia - website | Myspace

I was just sent this track a couple of days ago (I'm anxiously awaiting the full CD in the mail), and it's so much fuckin' fun!!! It's like Sonic Youth, Le Tigre & Huggy Bear playing at the same time in your younger sibling's room (where it doesn't matter what the hell breaks) while 20 people have a no-holds-barred, feather-flyin' pillow Hope the rest of the album is as interesting as this song is.

[MP3] Polynya - Sweatshop from "S/T" (via
Polynya - website | Myspace

VIDEO: Menomena "Evil Bee"

I'd almost forgotten about this album amongst the deluge of amazing music that we've seen so far this year (I'm definitely going to change my "Top 25 of 2007" list to "Top 35..."). The video made me revisit it today, and guess's even better after a few months of no listening. It's in my top ten, folks...count on it.