Thursday, March 15, 2007

SXSW: I wish I hadn't wasted all my money on the whores, so I could go.

So alright, there were no whores. I just have a tight budget, and unfortunately it doesn't include a week listening to music in Texas. I will again try to save money and attend next year, which I think would be absolutely bad-ass. I think. You never know though, it could suck. But it probably doesn't, I think that's just my jealous side trying to make me feel better for being so fuckin' broke. Oh well, good try. For any of my friends that are attending this year, have a blast & I hope to hang out a have a beer with you next year......assholes.

Just kidding.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Explosions in the Sky, The Paper Chase, Elvium - Atlanta, GA @ Lenny's, 3/13/07: SHOW REVIEW

I will start by saying that I must be cursed. Not a bad curse, just an annoying one that prevents me from bringing a good digital camera to show. Argh. Anyway, I was able to snap off some crappy pics with my camera phone (why the fuck gimme a phone with a camera in it, if it takes the shittiest pictures ever?), it'll just have to do for now. Well, on to the review. Eluvium started the show off...let me state that I am a fan of his music, but after seeing his live set, I can't say I would ever see him live again. I was bored to fucking tears. If you're just gonna sit on the floor, not move an inch & do nothing but play your music EXACTLY how it sounds on the CD, then I'll save my money and just listen to my CD. The Paper Chase was up next, and infused a much needed amount of ENERGY into the show. I've already seen this band before, and they never disappoint. Tight math-y, post-rock with percussive vocals, crashing pianos & freaky samples all in sync with perfectly choreographed lurching and shuddering. These guys are complete bad-asses, too bad the crowd sucked. Hardly anyone moved at all. What the fuck? Is it really that uncool to move around or get into the music? I didn't see anybody over the age of 45, so you boring as fuck people have no excuse. Ah well. Of course Explosions in the Sky (now on referred to as EitS) closed the show, and maybe some of those boring-as-fuck people were just waiting for them to play before showing any signs of life. Man, EitS really are a cut above most others bands in their genre. They are amazing musicians, and equally amazing performers. There was so much happiness and enthusiasm in their performance, when they/the music would explode so would we (me and my friends..and a handful of uncool movers & shakers).
This is what it's supposed to sound like. This is what it's supposed to feel like. EitS put on one of the best shows I've ever seen, and all I have to say is, thank you. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

VIDEO: Mixel Pixel "Abandon Ship"

Alright, so I decided to put this up here instead of making you traverse the internet & fall prey to the horrors that lurk there in order to view it. We at "It Covers The Hillsides" are looking out for you. Don't you forget it. Now the only "horrors" you will encounter are lurking in this video.

Check out the post below for another tubular video from my friends at Radical Friend.

VIDEO: The Postmarks "Goodbye"

This is the new video for The Postmarks' "Goodbye". Which was done by some friends of mine, Julia & Kirby otherwise known as Radical Friend. I think it's pretty cool, check it out!

Also check out their website for more of their work, including a new Mixel Pixel video for "Abandon Ship".

Explosions in the Sky: TONIGHT @ LENNY'S BAR

I'm off to see Explosions in the Sky, The Paper Chase & Eluvium tonight at Lenny's. Should be a kick-ass show, I'm totally psyched. You can expect a show review, and if I'm actually able to bring my digital camera...some pictures. I heard through the grapevine that someone might be taping the show, if so I'll try to procure it & post some MP3s. Later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

MP3 links: new good stuff

Here are some MP3s of some new music worth checking out:

[MP3] The Black Lips - "Boone" from "Los Valientes Del Mondo Nuevo" (via

[MP3] Goes Cube - "Song 30" from "Beckon The Dagger God" (via

[MP3] Papercuts - "Dear Employee" from "Can't Go Back" (via

[MP3] Au Revoir Simone - "A Violent Yet Flammable World" from "The Bird of Music" (via

Buy the full albums at Insound, or at Criminal Records.

Isis - Athens, GA @ 40 Watt Club, 3/08/07: SHOW REVIEW

I went to see Isis play last Thursday at The 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA, unfortunately it was sans Jesu (they still hadn't secured a work visa by this point, arghhhh!!!). I hadn't seen them live before (unless you count watching their "Clearing The Eye" DVD), but I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. They played songs from the last three albums, but mostly from their latest "In The Absence of Truth". One thing that grabbed me about their live set (other than the tight-as-fuck musicianship), was how Aaron lurched and moved, completely engrossed in his music. He even made the more melodic down tempo parts seem to be absolutely thunderous with his aggressive head banging & full body swerving. It is always so awesome to see musicians become completely entranced and emerged in their performance. This is the kind of shit that sucks me in and shakes me up...fuck yeah!! Although they didn't play my two favorite Isis tunes ("Carry", "So Did We"), they did play "False Light" & "Dulcinea", both of which had me reeling. Some of my friends say they hear a Tool influence in their latest album, which until I saw them live, I didn't quite hear. I did pick it out mainly in the drumming, which definitely has become very tribal...but overall I think they've created their own sound. Really standing out in a huge ocean of post-rock, doom metal...staying in front of a genre, that in my opinion, they helped create and in many ways, reinvent. This show: a head-banging thumbs up. (I really got to get my ass in gear and bring my fuckin' camera, the pic is not mine, again!)