Monday, January 1, 2007

2006: Rear-view Mirror

Well it's 2007. No so much different than yesterday, when it was 2006.
Ah, 2006. The year that kept giving us some of the most memorable moments right up until the end, like someone's favorite grandpa. James Brown died on Christmas, which makes me want lobby for changing the name of the holiday to James Brown Day...because there really is no "Christ" in Christmas appropriate name change is in order, I think. Saddam Hussein was executed on on December 30th, one day before the official start of the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, which marks the end of the pilgrimage to, good going Bush, great timing. Man seriously, I think his goal is to start a civil war not prevent it. Dumbass.

On a seriously sad note, one of my personal heroes (I don't throw that word around lightly), Steve Irwin, was killed this year. What a huge loss, we need MORE people like him, not less. Speaking of losing some great people, Coretta Scott King passed away in 2006 as well...she will be missed. And although we haven't heard a peep out of him since he formed one of the most amazing bands on the planet, Syd Barrett's death was a sad closing of a door we all thought he might just pop out of one day.

Democrats regained control of the Senate and the House. Hoo-fuckin'-ray! Hopefully they get off their asses and make some important changes with their new-found power. In 2006, I had to eat salads with no spinach for four months. The little steam ships in my biceps don't pop up without that stuff. Oh yeah, movies. Superman sucked. A huge budget and it sucked. Someone please stop giving big budgets to people who suck at making movies. Seems simple, but apparently it's not considering that most movies lately suck and everyone still goes and sees them. Ah, but some were amazing. Little Miss Sunshine, yay. Science of Sleep, yay. Borat, yay. And obviously there were some downright amazing albums that came out as well (see list below). But it's 2007. I'm pretty excited, it means we're just that much closer to having floating cars and robot butlers. Right?

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