Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trans Am, Zombi, Psychic Paramount @ The Earl, Atlanta, GA 4/13/07 : SHOW REVIEW

Almost didn't make it to this show, but "almost" doesn't matter. And that's a good thing 'cause this was a great show for two reasons: (1) I discovered a great new band (2) Trans Am was "muy fabuloso"!! The great new band was Psychic Paramount. They weren't breaking any new ground or anything, but I did thoroughly enjoy hearing 'em. Their music was instrumental (no surprise there..touring with Trans Am & Zombi...yeah), but they added some really awesome gritty psyche-rock elements into the mix. Although I thought the songs could have been a little shorter, it was still good times! I'm curious to hear their studio work. Zombi was OK, not super, just OK. Two guys trying to play three guys worth of music was impressive, but seemed unnecessary. They could have just brought another guy..or gal, I'm equal opportunity here. Instrumental music is so hard to translate into a live set for me. If the band doesn't add some spunk or energy into it then it kind of goes flat & boring. Zombi hovered somewhere inbetween. Now Trans Am brought the hotness! It was like 1985 up in there and I half-expected The Terminator to bust in and try to kill Sarah Connor at any moment. Synth-rock at it's finest. Fun, fun, fun. Anyone whose listened to them before knows they aren't pushing any envelopes here, the music is derivative...but it's like great rap, sampling from the best of best, or kitchiest of the kitchiest in this case. Awesomeradicalwickedness. Hooray. Unfortunately I had to leave a couple of songs before they finished, so I guess I'll just have to catch 'em again to make up for it. Like I wouldn't have anyway ;-).

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