Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Questionable Content

There's a really great online web-comic I've been reading for awhile, Questionable Content. A friend of mine turned me onto it by saying, "Hey, you gotta check this out. It's web-comic about love and indie rock!" "Oh yeah, and there's this little robot that acts like a cross between John Belushi's Animal House character and a 5-year old."
Jeph Jacques is the creator, and he's been crankin' it out, five days a week, for the past 3 years. The cast of characters has grown considerably since then, and so has the drama. It started off with just Marten and his Anthro-PC (pet-robot), Pint-Size. Marten meets Faye, who just wants to be friends..even though it's obvious he likes her. She moves in, they stay friends and the robot destroys things. Hilarity ensues. Currently on issue #797 (as of this post), a lot of things have changed since the first issue, including Jeph's drawing skills (pretty basic at first, now pretty damn good). I've got it set as my homepage and I never miss an issue. I suggest you check it out if you like obscure indie rock references, crass-but-witty humor, love, romance-novel writing rednecks and/or tequila monsters.
Questionable Content - website

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