Thursday, March 27, 2008

NEW SONG: Annuals "Sore"

Been awhile since I've heard some new music from Annuals, whose "Be He Me" was top fave here in 2006 (and still is!). So they have a split EP, "Wet Zoo", coming out on April 1st...and get this, it's split with themselves...sorta. The other band is Sunfold, which has all of the same Annuals members, but with guitarist Kenny Florence taking over vocal duties from Adam Baker. They had this to say about what we can expect from Sunfold's sound as compared to Annuals: a "very different, more guitar-heavy" sound. Make sense? O.K., good. Here's one of the Annuals' tracks from "Wet Zoo", entitled "Sore". It's very grand and lush, and it has me anxiously awaiting to hear more. Good music has that effect, no?

"Wet Zoo" will be available via Ace Fu Records & Canvasback Music.

[MP3] Annuals - Sore from "Wet Zoo EP" (via

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