Friday, January 12, 2007

More upcoming Atlanta/Athens shows

Here they are like I promised:

Sat. 1/13/07 - Mission of Burma @ The Earl
Tue. 2/06/07 - Vetiver, Vashti Bunyan @ The 40 Watt Club
Thu. 2/08/07 - The Woggles @ The 40 Watt Club
Fri. 2/09/07 - The Woggles @ The Earl
Sat. 2/10/07 - Oxford Collapse, Thunderbirds Are Now! @ The Drunken Unicorn
Thu. 2/22/07 - Against Me! @ The 40 Watt Club
Thu. 2/22/07 - Ocha La Rocha (Record release show) @ The Earl
Fri. 2/23/07 - Sleep Therapy, Marnie Stern, Barr ***DO NOT MISS***@ The Drunken Unicorn
Thu. 3/01/07 - Red Sparrowes, Planes Mistaken For Stars @ The Drunken Unicorn
Sat. 3/03/07 - The Selmanaires @ The Drunken Unicorn
Fri. 3/09/07 - The Thermals @ The Drunken Unicorn
Sat. 3/10/07 - Rob Crow @ The Earl
Wed. 3/14/07 - Band of Horses @ The Earl
Mon. 3/19/07 - Asobi Seksu, Saturday Looks Good To Me @ The Drunken Unicorn
Tue. 3/20/07 - The Walkmen @ The Earl
Thu. 3/22/07 - Appleseed Cast @ The Drunken Unicorn
Thu. 3/22/07 - Aqueduct, Priestbird (formerly Tarantula A.D.) @ The Earl
Sat. 3/24/07 - Bishop Allen, +/-, Say Hi To Your Mom @ The Earl
Sun. 4/08/07 - Sebadoh @ The Variety Playhouse
Sun. 4/15/07 - Junior Boys @ The Earl

As always if there are more I'll post 'em and if you got any, let me know!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Peter, Bjorn and John "Writers Block"'d I miss this??

Well I should should start off by saying that if I had known about this album before this month, then it would have had a place (a high one at that) on my Top 25 Albums of 2006 list. Maybe I'll ammend that...hmmmm. I am really dumbfounded as to how this album escaped my attention. I'm not sure what the hell I was doing when everyone was talking about this, but I hope it was worth it.
This album is utterly amazing. From the obviously awesome "Young Folks" (it was Pitchfork's #5 in their Top 100 Songs of 2006...but I bet you already knew that too) to tracks like "Poor Cow"(which reminds me of "Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy"-era Who) and "The Chills" (the driving drums and bass god). Man, Sweden must have something in the water because they are just crankin' out one amazing band after another. The only drawback to this album is that I wish there was more Victoria Bergsman on this album. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for a close-to-perfect album. Sigh.

Peter Bjorn and John - Website
Peter Bjorn and John - MySpace

No posts, no worry.

Sorry about the lack of posts for the last couple of days. I've been really busy at home, and I had a performance of "Stomp" going on behind my temples last night (i.e. a bad migraine). But rest assured, I have quite a few things to put up. So that might mean multiple posts on the same day.

Right now, I can imagine that your squeals of excitement are probably annoying anyone within 20 ft. of you. So calm down, it will be alright. Those people next to you deserve to use the free Wi-Fi there at Starbucks in peace.

Hopefully I won't lag this far behind for awhile. Life can really screw up...well, life.

Monday, January 8, 2007

There's an all-night dance club in my car.

Ever since I downloaded the song "Phantom Part I" from Justice's Myspace, I haven't stopped playing it. I have an hour drive into work, I played it 9 times. 9 fucking times. This thing is infectious, seriously. I haven't been sucked in like this since Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". The song consists of a driving bass line, catchy-as-fuck keyboard melody and some of the best use of electronic glitches since Radiohead. There's this metal-like breakdown in the middle comprised of what sounds like a CD skipping, but scratched and controlled. Fan-tastic!! Justice is a French duo, Xavier de Rosnay & Gaspard Auge, and the song is apparently just a track they released on their Myspace page with no plans to put it on their new album. If this is just a throw away track, then I can't imagine how bad-ass the actual album will be. After a quick search, I found that I had already heard some of their stuff in the form of a remix they did of Death From Above 1979's "Blood On Our Hands", which I loved as well. Until I'm able to host MP3s, I'll just have to point you to places who can. Download it here. (Via Pitchfork)