Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happiness Returns, JAGJAGUWAR Springs Forth!

Four score and several months ago, a foul stink overtook our happiness, bringing us and all whom we cherish to our knees. This stench was known by many names, but preferred one over the others: Mainstreamradio. Many fled, most hid in small caverns waiting for a moment, a sign, something that would clean the sleep from the people's eyes, arouse their passions & clear the stench from the air. The time has finally come, Jagjaguwar is here! First seen crossing between the fjords and the Pink Mountaintops near the ominous Black Mountain. It soon traveled down into the Wilderness, along the expansive Okkervil River. Upon hearing the first seductive sounds, many sprang from the caverns wence they hid to join Jagjaguwar. Many including the elusive Odawas and the indigenous Oneida. They gathered weapons of various sizes and headed towards the breathtaking Besnard Lakes, then onto the strangely beautiful Swan Lake. It was time to drive Mainstreamradio into hiding, it was time to dream & dance, it was time for happiness! All this will be documented in the Minus Story, in an attempt to prevent future generations from allowing the stench that is Mainstreamradio to surface again. REJOICE!!

(Seriously, the amount of raw, amazing talent on this label is truly staggering!)

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