Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hooray For Earth...hooray! hooray!

Yesterday, I was sent the self-released & self-titled album by "Hooray For Earth". I just finished listening to it for the third time. I don't listen to albums three times unless I like them. A lot. Parts remind me of different bands, but I can't say that the songs themselves remind of anyone in particular. It's weird, I hear a little Jesus & Mary Chain,...then Pinback, even Pet Shop Boys...but only in parts, and only for a second or two. It really feels like a true amalgam of some really interesting sounds: dirty fuzz rock, soaring pop, heavy riffs, blaring synths, and a little art-punk for good measure. The vocals do definitely remind me of Rob Crow (especially on the song "Carefree"), which ain't bad. The music has the pop sensibility of some of the greatest Wrens tunes & Blue Album-era Weezer. It's ethereal and fuzzed out, and always driving...anthemic even. Truly uplifting. This is driving music folks; stereo cranked, and singing along at the top of your lungs and not giving a fuck who sees. The only thing that makes this album hard to get through, is the fact I keep hitting the back button to hear songs over again. I know what I'll be doing to pass the time on my hour and a half commute home tonight. Goddamn this is infectious.

[MP3] Hooray For Earth - Magazines (via

[MP3] Hooray For Earth - Come Again (via (highly rec'd)

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