Monday, March 26, 2007

Matador to release expanded edition of Shearwater's "Palo Santo"

Recent Matador signees, Shearwater re-recorded/remastered their 2006 album "Palo Santo" and it will be available to us (the eager public) on April 10th. Apparently this was the band's idea not the label's, and to quote them: "...we're proud to say that this is Palo Santo as we always hoped it would be". I heard they were amazing live, as told to me by some SXSW attendees. Ah, yet another reason to save my damn money!! I was hoping that they would be heading through the Atlanta area sometime soon, but no luck. Oh well. I still haven't seen them or Will Sheff's other band, Okkervil River. So if any members, of either band reads this, please play Atlanta. Please.

Here's a track off the newly re-recorded "Palo Santo".
[MP3] Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea (via

Shearwater - Official website

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Okkervil/Shearwater lover said...

Okkervil River played in Athens back in October of last year (at Caledonia) ... it ruled. HARD. Shearwater, though ... I don't think they've been around Atlanta/Athens since 2005 when they toured with The Mountain Goats.

A tip: DRIVE SOMEWHERE TO SEE THEM. It will almost 100%-likely be worth it. I'm driving three hours, myself.