Monday, April 2, 2007

NEW MUSIC: Magic Arm "Outdoor Games"

A friend of mine turned me onto this band over the weekend: "Have you heard of Magic Arm?" "No." "I guess I better check 'em out". So I headed over to their MySpace page, and listened. Pretty nice stuff. And I do mean pretty. Dreamy folk with hush-then-soaring vocals, acoustic finger-pickin', and a keyboard melody that starts to drift in at just the right moment. I was hooked, so I did a little Sherlock Google action and found that they have no label, no website...but apparently Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear loves them. On his band's blog, he asks you to download the track "Outdoor Games" & dares you to tell him this song sucks. I think this song is great, but maybe you have no taste in music and would like to tell Ed so. Accept the challenge, download it & reply to him HERE. Hopefully these guys hook up with a label soon, I wanna hear more.
UPDATE: According to their MySpace they are recording an album and releasing a single (I guess this song is it) in early 2007. Sorry that's ambiguous. It's all I got.

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