Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SHOW RECOMMENDATION: Black Kids, The Lolligags, Judi Chicago, 11/15 @ The Star Bar

I love free shows & Black Kids.

Um, yeah...so Pop Death Squad is sponsoring the "Big Trouble in Little 5" showcase at The Star Bar in Little Five Points (Atlanta, GA) this Thursday (11/15) featuring those Black Kids I love so much, as well as The Lolligags (also awesome!), and Judi Chicago (whom I haven't heard yet but am looking forward to hearing). It all starts at 9pm, and it's FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE! Between the awesome-ness that these bands will undoubtedly bring in spades, and that amazing ticket price...this is a no-brainer, just show up (unless you're under 21. I assume it's 21+ up, since it's a bar).

The Black Kids & The Lolligags are also playing on Friday in Athens:
Fri. 11/16/07 - Black Kids, Lolligags @ Flicker Theatre (Athens, GA)
(tickets for this show are extremely limited, purchase tickets at Wuxtry)

[MP3] Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You from "Wizard of Ahhhs EP" (via Box.net)

[MP3] The Lolligags - Staircase Mystery from "Wired" (via Box.net)

Black Kids - Myspace | The Lolligags - Myspace
| Star Bar - website

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