Tuesday, October 2, 2007

GREAT NEW MUSIC: We Are Wolves "Total Magique"

I am in one really weird mood. I am liking this album by We Are Wolves a lot. Which is not the weird part.

I wanna bounce off the walls, and hit things with a stick. And this is good music for this mood.

I like weird moods sometimes, because they can be fun. Here are two MP3s off of their new album, "Total Magique". Yes, some of it is in French. That is not weird either, because they are Canadian. It reminds me of Les Savy Fav being molested by The Blood Brothers with electronics.

[MP3] We Are Wolves - Magique from "Total Magique" (via Box.net)
[MP3] We Are Wolves - Vietnam from "Total Magique" (via Box.net)

We Are Wolves - website | Myspace

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