Monday, September 24, 2007

Retread Sessions & In Context: brought to you by Austin's KUT 90.5 FM and Super!Alright!

A little while back I posted about the "Burn To Shine" series which features artists performing in small, intimate spaces, and I just recently discovered the KUT 90.5 (Univ. of Texas public radio) & Super!Alright! (Collective of audio & visual media artists) online series, "Retread Sessions", which seeks to document musicians in a similar type of intimate setting. The first few sessions showcase some of my favorite bands including Shearwater (!!), YACHT & Red Before Black (whom I love). The first three sessions are online now (I've got a few of them below), check them all out here.
KLRU (Austin, TX - PBS affiliate) is also hosting their "In Context" series there as well, which showcases artists of all kinds focusing primarily on process.

Both KUT 90.5 & KLRU are non-profit public media outlets, they depend on donations to survive & to continue to bring you wonderful performances like these, for FREE. So if you have some extra money lying around, and you were wondering what to spend it on....please stop by their respective websites (which you can find below) and drop a few bucks their way.

[VIDEO] Shearwater "Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five"

[VIDEO] YACHT "See a Penny (Pick It Up)"

[VIDEO] Black Before Red "Matagorda"

KUT 90.5 (University of Texas) - website | Super!Alright! - website
| Retread Sessions & In Context - website | KLRU - website

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