Thursday, August 2, 2007

NEW SONG: Black Lips "Cold Hands"

I can't say it enough...I love me some Lips. "Eager anticipation" is the phrase d'jour when it comes to Black Lips related news. The newest single Cold Hands, which has already surfaced in the form of a video, from the Black Lips forthcoming album, "Good Bad Not Evil" is now available as an MP3 for those of you who like to listen in their car on the way to...somewhere. Enjoy.

[MP3] Black Lips - Cold Hands from "Good Bad Not Evil" (via

Oh, snap! Thanks to Cable and Tweed for the heads up!! The Black Lips are playing Atlanta's seediest strip club (I use the term "strip club" loosely with this place since most of the "strippers" are over 40 or pregnant), The Clermont Lounge on Aug. 16th w/ The Subsonics brought to you by the fine upstanding folks over at Rob's House Records. (And yes Rich, I'm sure it WILL be nothing short of a very, very fun way.)


Rich said...

A shame I can't make it. I teach the next morning in Athens.

indietodd said...

That sucks. A night of Black Lips AND strippers old enough to be your grandma would definitely impede your ability to shape young minds....or would it?

Rich said...

I dunno, I did some fun stuff on the night before teaching when I was still at Emory. But that was a 10 minute drive home and an afternoon class. ;)

I guess I could go if I were confident I'd be able to get up and go on like 2 hrs of sleep, but... not so much.

I'll add that I love how my students have no idea what I do in my free time.