Monday, July 30, 2007

Bottom of the Hudson Bassist Killed in Van Crash

Man, this has been one shitty weekend for two of the bands that played together last Thursday as part of the Team Clermont Summer Festival, Deerhunter (see previous post) & Bottom of the Hudson. BOTH bassist, 28 year-old Trevor Butler was killed, and their new drummer Greg Lytle suffered severe injuries yesterday when the band's tour van careened off the highway following a blowout in N. Carolina. Cory Brown, owner of Absolutely Kosher (label home to BOTH) issued this statement:

"We are devastated by his loss and he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the band and their families. Thanks to everyone who has sent condolences and well-wishes.

We are currently accepting donations via Paypal (the address is on behalf of Trevor's family and for Greg's medical bills resulting from the accident. A benefit show is being discussed, but we're all still reeling from this tragedy. We will update our home page as news of Greg's condition and progress on further fundraisers comes in. Your generosity in this difficult time is appreciated.

Cory Brown and everyone at Absolutely Kosher Records

Please help if you can, our thoughts are with Trevor's family, Greg and the rest of the band.

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