Tuesday, August 7, 2007

In the wake of The Casket Lottery & Small Brown Bike....ABLE BAKER FOX!!

I was one, sad bummed-out puppy when I heard that two of my favorite bands, The Casket Lottery & Small Brown Bike, had called it quits a couple of years ago. So flash forward to yesterday and to some news that had me grinning ear-to-ear...members of both bands have created a new band out of the ashes of their previous ones. Behold, ABLE BAKER FOX: Nathan Ellis (Jackie Carol, The Casket Lottery, Coalesce) - Vocals, Guitar, Mike Reed (LaSalle, Small Brown Bike) - Vocals, Guitar, Ben Reed (The Great Sea Serpents, Small Brown Bike) - Vocals, Bass, Jeff Gensterblum (The Holy Fire, Small Brown Bike) - Drums. They're currently finshing up recording their first full length, "Voices". The two songs they have up on their MySpace page are killer and so now I'm sad again because I can't hear more. Damn you guys for playing with my emotions.

"Right now, we’re finishing up our 11-song CD/LP “Voices” with Ed Rose for release on Second Nature Recordings. Head over to our MySpace page (myspace.com/ablebakerfox) to stream two songs right now. We’re not sure exactly when “Voices” will be released, but keep in touch and you’ll find out." HOO-FUCKIN-RAY.

Able Baker Fox - website | Myspace

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