Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I saw Celebration open for The Blood Brothers awhile back and they blew my mind. If this new song is any indication of what I can expect from the forthcoming album, then consider my mind blown yet again. Their new album "The Modern Tribe" is due out October 9th.

[MP3] Celebration - Evergreen from "The Modern Tribe" (via Box.net)
Celebration - website | Myspace

I hadn't heard anything from this band before getting their latest EP, "Coastal" about a week ago. This song "New York" has been played over 30 times according to my iTunes. It is good. Really, really good. Their latest EP is out now.

[MP3] A Shoreline Dream - New York from "Coastal EP" (via Box.net)
A Shoreline Dream - website | Myspace

I've seen Matt Pond PA perform several times, and have yet to be disappointed. I can't stop playing "People Have a Way" off of their upcoming album "Last Light", it is everything and more that I've come to expect from this amazing band. "Last Light" comes out Sept. 25th.

[MP3] Matt Pond PA - People Have a Way from "Last Light" (via Box.net)
Matt Pond PA - website | Myspace

LOCKETT PUNDT (Deerhunter)
Man, I cannot get me enough Deerhunter. So I've been keeping my addiction satiated by going to their blog and downloading some of the new material they have been kind enough to post. Lockett put up a couple of "solo" tunes recently, and "White Out" has seen some pretty heavy rotation in the ol' iPod. Not sure if this song will show up on any official Deerhunter release or Lockett solo effort, but who cares...it's amazing.

[MP3] Lockett Pundt (Deerhunter) - White Out from "Unreleased" (via Box.net)
Deerhunter blog | Myspace

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