Monday, July 9, 2007

GREAT LOCAL MUSIC: Gringo Star (formerly A-Fir-Ju-Well)

So the forthcoming self-titled EP from Gringo Star (formerly A-Fir-Ju-Well) has hit my iPod and it's still spinnin'...both the 'Pod and the music. I've been a A-Fir-Ju-Well fan for awhile, it was always easy to find out when they were playing next because they used old tree stumps, furniture, crates & even refrigerator doors as giant "pain in the ass to remove" flyers. They put those huge painted motherfuckers in high traffic areas of Atlanta which pretty much guaranteed two things: everyone at least "knew" of A-Fir-Ju-Well, and the flyers never got torn down. So now they go by Gringo Star, same band different name. This new self-titled EP has some re-worked "A-Fir-Ju-Well" classics, as well as some new tracks. All of which still have that 60's mod/spanish/southern-psychedelia flavor that made me a fan in the first place. They're currently touring, so check 'em out if you feel so inclined. I highly recommend you do.

07/09 - Flying Monkey Art's Center, Huntsville, AL
07/10 - White Water Tavern, Little Rock, AK
07/11 - Creepy Crawl, St. Louis, MO
07/12 - The Lakeshore Theater, Chicago, IL
07/13 - Southgate House (Free Show!!), Newport KY
07/14 - 30th B-Day Party, New Bedford, MA
07/15 - Bar, New Haven, CT
07/16 - Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
07/17 - IOTA, Arlington, VA
07/19 - Asheville Pizza & Brewing, Asheville, NC
07/20 - The Rusty Nail, Wilmington, NC
07/21 - The Map Room, Charleston, SC

[MP3] Gringo Star - No Reason from "S/T EP" (via
[MP3] Gringo Star - Transmission from "S/T EP" (via

Gringo Star - Myspace

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