Wednesday, June 13, 2007

NEW Iron & Wine song - "Boy With a Coin"

I was perusing my favorite blogs today and came across a spectacular find over at MOKB. A new Iron & Wine tune!! Except this didn't sound at all like the Iron & Wine I was used to hearing. This was richer, no more stripped-down roots acoustic-ness. This is an all-new Iron & Wine!! More instruments & a completely different sound...and it's AWESOME. I'm going to say that again for emphasis. It's AWESOME. I can't stop listening to it. It's what we want from every good musician/band: a truly progressive sound. And it's AWESOME. Thank you, Sam Beam. Thank you. The new album "The Shepherd's Dog" is out Sept. 25 on Sub Pop. "Boy With a Coin" will come out as a single on July 10, along with two non-album b-sides "Carried Home" and "Kingdom of the Animals". Man, September can't come fast enough.

[MP3] Iron & Wine - Boy With a Coin from "The Shepherd's Dog" (link removed by request)

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