Tuesday, June 12, 2007

GREAT NEW LOCAL MUSIC: The Brock Scott Quartet

A friend of mine, Jer, turned me on to this amazing local band a few weeks ago. So it's high time they get a post!! Their music is in the same acoustic/folk/jazz/rock vein as the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Sam Prekop, Calexico & The Clientele. The delicateness of the vocals, to the soaring & intricate musicianship makes a long drive easier, your hand start air drumming, and cures depression. Alright, I'm not sure about the "curing depression" part, but maybe they should try it...you never know. They're currently not signed to any label, and judging by this album that won't last long. I see great things on the horizon for Brock Scott and his quartet.

You can purchase the album for download here.

Otherwise, if you want a hard copy of the CD you can get one of those bad boys by sending 10 bucks (preferably a check) plus shipping to:
Brock Scott
4602 Peachtree Park Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

[MP3] The Brock Scott Quartet - Avalanche from "S/T" (via Box.net)
[MP3] The Brock Scott Quartet - The Death of Western Movies from "S/T" (via Box.net)

The Brock Scott Quartet - Myspace

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Anonymous said...

The Brock Scott Quartet are great! Love from Savannah, GA