Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GREAT NEW MUSIC: Arizona "Fameseeker and the Mono" EP

This post will hopefully be followed shortly by an interview with the band. They're playing on Fri. 7/27 @ The 40 Watt with Castanets & Phosphorescent as part of Team Clermont's "Athens Summerfest/Blue Ribbon Ball" and I'm quite excited to see 'em considering I missed out on the sold-out Band of Horses show they opened for awhile back. I was recently sent this new EP, and I haven't stopped playing it yet (that's not "exactly" true, I did listen to the new Okkervil River for a sec...but it was right back to this!!). Beautiful, is how I describe it. Man, I really can't believe they're not everywhere right now. How they manage to stay below the radar, not have a label, and ridiculous amounts of praise in the press is really just beyond me. I personally think they would be right at home as part of the Elephant 6 collective...soaring pop, delicate psychedelic-folk/rock, on-point harmonies. Someone please sign this band!!!

[MP3] Arizona - Thimble from "Fameseeker and the Mono" (via

Arizona - website | Myspace

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Trevor said...

Thanks for posting the cover art. It's maddening that eMusic doesn't attach it to their downloads.