Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Magic Arm "Outdoor Games" EP is finally out

I posted on this band about a month ago when there was little or no information about the band and little word about when an album would be out. That has changed. Connor over at I Guess I'm Floating recently posted about the new EP "Outdoor Games" as well as links for an actual website! and some info about Magic Arm (you should go over there and check it out!). I went and purchased the whole album for download here, and I have to say it's spectacular. It's also available to purchase as a vinyl 10" here from his label's website Switchflicker. I can't recommend this album enough.

Here's a another track from it:

[MP3] Magic Arm - People Need Order from "Outdoor Games EP" (via Box.net)

Magic Arm - Official Website

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