Tuesday, May 1, 2007

CINCO DE MAYO SHOW: The Close, Continue and Save, A. Armada, Spy For Hire

Aye, aye, aye, ayeeeeee!!!! It's tequila drinkin' time motherfuckers!!! Wanna get your "worm" on? Well there's a house party on Cinco De Mayo (for you non-Spanish-speaking types, that's May 5th, Saturday), at 671 Atlanta Ave., Atlanta, GA 30312, directions here. It's being hosted by Dirty Bird Productions, who you can check out here. There are four, count 'em, four bands playing: The Close, Continue and Save, A. Armada & Spy For Hire. All of whom are amazing. Don't believe me? Then don't come. Don't come and just pay $5 dollars for all you can drink beer. Don't come and hang out with some of the coolest people in the ATL. Don't come, just stay home and watch "Three Amigos" on VHS for all I give a fuck. We'll be gettin' rocked & crunk up in this bitch while you stay home and cry. For the rest of you, come celebrate Mexican Independence with four bands & all you can drink beer. All amongst the most neat-o hipsters in Hotlanta....all for just $5 bucks.
Party starts at 9pm, first band goes on around 10:30pm.

For info call: 270-719-0686 or 570-877-7487

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