Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More new songs from Minus Story! It must be new song day!!

Minus Story's newest album "My Ion Truss" will grace our collective ears on June 19th, until then they've been gracious enough to post a few tracks from it. After hearing these tidbits, it's been nothing but bliss covering this here hillside. My only gripe is that there is no Atlanta/Athens tour date. And they're playing with Shearwater?! This is one of my dream shows!! Please, please play somewhere even remotely close to Atlanta. Please.

[MP3] Minus Story - Battle Of Our Lives from "My Ion Truss" (via Box.net)
[MP3] Minus Story - Mama Mama from "My Ion Truss" (via Box.net)
[MP3] Minus Story - Stitch Me Up from "My Ion Truss" (via Box.net)

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