Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beats. Beats. Ass-shaking beats.

Remember how much ass-shaking went on inside my car when listening to the Justice track "Phantom Part I"? Well the bounce is back. I got ahold of a remix of Snowden's "Black Eyes" by ATL dancefloor destroyer, Le Castle Vania (DJ DJ Dylan). This amazing track, and I do mean AMAZING, prompted me to search for more. I came across his Myspace page where he has several tracks primed & ready to bring the mayhem. Some are available for download including remixes of 120 Days' "Come Out" (soon to be featured on an upcoming Vice Records remix compilation) and the aforementioned "Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania remix)". But is there more? The answer is fuck yes. I also found the track "Tigertron (feat. Factory Aire)" which is yet another hot-ass-dance-punk scorcher. Check out his Myspace page for those tunes, and become his friend while you're there. This guy is gonna get huge!!

His "Troubletron" EP is now available to purchase through iTunes.

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