Friday, February 16, 2007

Atlanta Local Spotlight: Spectralux

So I meant to post on this band a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to. Oh well, better late than never so they say. This band's been around since 1999, and just released it's fourth self-titled album in late 2006. A friend of mine turned me onto this band. Touting influences like The Pixies, Wire and David Bowie got me more interested, so I checked it out. Good thing too, because the band is better than the sum of it's influences. They've got a brit-pop, shoe gaze kind of sound with these hard-driving beats & some amazing keyboard melodies. Post-rock pop. Stand out tracks on this newest album: "Bunny", "Over and Out" & the psyche-ambient pop anthem "These Trees". A really stunning album overall. Check out their Myspace page to listen to some tunes.

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