Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NEW "SONGS": Jupiter Watts

I went to see Jupiter Watts last Saturday after an entire day of free music (Record Store Day, 420Fest, etc.), and I must say that it was SO worth fighting off shear exhaustion to finally catch these guys live. I'm a huge fan of their music, but for some reason or another I hadn't been able to catch a show. They played some new material (that I've been told is still in it's primordial infancy), which sounded great & really different than their older material. You can check out said new material on their blog, here.

And, just in case you're not schooled in the music of Jupiter Watts, there are a couple of MP3s below.

[MP3] Jupiter Watts - Felix from "Jupiter Watts" (via Box.net)
[MP3] Jupiter Watts - Travel Without a Sound from "Jupiter Watts" (via Box.net)

Jupiter Watts - website | Myspace


John said...

Great band, love them! Cool photo too. :-)

Thanks for the post!

Rich said...

Ha! I ran into James from JP on the sidewalk outside Star Bar that night, but I was at the VP for the Avett Brothers. Damn good band.

Zazous Project said...

Yeah they rock. Havent seen them live yet, but digging the tunes I've heard.