Monday, April 14, 2008

NEW SONG: Wolf Parade "Call It a Ritual"

Here's a track from Wolf Parade's still untitled forthcoming album (which drops 6/17 via Sub Pop). It was rumored to be called "Kissing The Beehive", but that's apparently not the case anymore. Not that it matters, I'm gonna buy it no matter what the hell they title it. It's freakin' Wolf Parade!

"Kissing The Beehive" "TBD" - track listing:
01 "Soldier's Grin"
02 "Call It A Ritual"
03 "Language City"
04 "Bang Your Drum"
05 "California Dreamer"
06 "The Grey Estates"
07 "Fine Young Cannibals"
08 "An Animal In Your Care"
09 "Kissing The Beehive"

[MP3] Wolf Parade - Call It a Ritual from "TBD" (via

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