Monday, March 3, 2008

GREAT NEW MUSIC: The Billionaires "Really Real For Forever"

Sometimes I like to flail my arms above my head and jump around yelling funny sounds (at least they're funny to me). I like music that makes me want to to do this, a lot. Call it a natural high's way better than road rage, trust me. The Billionaires new album is exactly this kind of music. Fun and _______ (enter you're own "catchy as fuck" phrase here), and I've been flailing and singing quite a bit since I first started listening. A great album all the way through and highly recommended!

"Really Real For Forever" is available April 1st via Too Soon Records.

[MP3] The Billionaires - Cold Day from "Really Real For Forever" (via
[MP3] The Billionaires - Eighties Movies from "Really Real For Forever" (via

The Billionaires - Myspace

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Anonymous said...

i love this band and I couldnt find them anywhere!