Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BLITZEN TRAPPER: Unreleased songs on Daytrotter

Gotta love those Daytrotter folks. In the latest Daytrotter session, Blitzen Trapper lays down four tracks (three of which are brand new and unreleased!!...and REALLY good) for your downloading addiction..ahem, pleasure. You can pick up the three unreleased tracks below, or head over to Daytrotter to pick up all four, or just the other song...ah, you get the point. Those northwestern hippie-sters are currently on tour, so I'm sure we'll be catching some of these new songs live (maybe more, who knows?).

Click here for all Blitzen Trapper's tour dates.

[MP3] Blitzen Trapper - Big Adventure (unreleased) from "Daytrotter Session - live" (via
[MP3] Blitzen Trapper - Stolen Shoes (unreleased) from "Daytrotter Session - live" (via
[MP3] Blitzen Trapper - Preacher's Sister's Boy (unreleased) from "Daytrotter Session - live" (via

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