Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kindercore Records releasing XMas 3: The War On Christmas!

Kindercore is back hardcore! Not only are they releasing the new King of Prussia album (which is spectacular BTW) they will also be releasing their new 19 track Christmas comp "XMas 3: The War On Christmas!". This is no ordinary Christmas comp: it not only features a 19 track CD featuring Kindercore bands and others, but it comes packed in a "color comic with a mix of holiday-themed mayhem and sweetness"! OMG! The CD/comic is limited to 100 copies, which will only be available via Kindercore's website for $10. The music and comics will also be available from the iTunes store in a few days, but this is the only place to pick up the limited edition physical version.

"100% percent of the profits from this release (both the physical and digital versions) will be donated to Oxfam to help out unfortunate folks around the world - geek out for charity this XMAS! Let the War begin!"

Track List:
01. Rump Posse - Carol of the Manbarks
02. Folklore - Christmas Ape Goes to The Moon
03. The Observatory - Xmastime (is Xmastime)
04. Fabulous Bird - Everybody Knows It’s Christmas Time Again
05. King of Prussia - Christmas on The Other Side
06. The 63 Crayons - Holiday
07. Ruby Isle - Jack’s Obsession
08. The Buddy System - Xmas on TV
09. Blak Thor - Noel (I’m Giving Love For Christmas)
10. Murder Beach - All Around
11. Mumbletron 2k12 - Outta Bed
12. Je Suis France - Baby, Please Don’t Get Stoned (It’s Christmas)
13. Bunnygrunt - The Blues for Xmas
14. Koncak - It’s Christmas Time
15. Headlights - Kicker of Elves
16. The Show is The Rainbow - Silent Night
17. The Snowsuit Sound - The Ballad of Black Piet
18. Venice is Sinking - The Grey Line
19. The Jersey Barrier - Grey Skies

Comics by:
Jesse Lockwood, Nethie Lockwood, Ryan Lewis, Mat Lewis, Maya Livio, Lauren Gregg, Craig Sheldon, Rama Hughes and Travis Fox

Kindercore - website | Oxfam - website

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