Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's So Good To Have Kindercore Records Back...

Kindercore Records has hit the ground running since the news it was rising from the dead earlier this year. First off, it's first official release since the rebirth is the debut album from King of Prussia, "Save the Scene" (Jan. 29, 2008) which is everything I've come to expect from this amazing label...which is to say it's awesome!!! Throwback 60's mod-pop in the vein of The Who, The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian and Small Faces and it's lush, sparkling, wonderfulness just leaves you wanting more. This mini-LP is hopefully just the beginning of a long lustrous career for this Athens, GA band.

[MP3] King of Prussia - Misadventures of the Campaign Kids from "Save the Scene" (via

King of Prussia - Myspace

Kindercore-owner Dan Geller, whose new band Ruby Isle just released a cover of Hello, Blue Roses' "Shadow Falls", before the original has even hit the shelves (Hello, Blue Roses is the new side-project from Dan Bejar from Destroyer, New Pornographers). Here's what Dan had to say about why they chose this song: "Last Friday, Ruby Isle was in the middle of recording our new record and were looking for some inspiration so we decided to take whatever track was number one on and cover it." That's as good a reason as any, so here you go. Check out Ruby Isle's Myspace for more synth-poppy good times.

[MP3] Ruby Isle- Shadow Falls (Hello, Blue Roses cover) from "Unreleased" (via
[MP3] Ruby Isle- Atom Bomb from "Into The Black" (via

Kindercore Records - website | Ruby Isle - Myspace

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