Monday, October 29, 2007

NEW MUSIC: Songs From The Bigtop

Devon Reed, whose new independent film, "The Bigtop"(which comes out sometime in 2008), has done something pretty extraordinary for his soundtrack besides just recruit great indie bands like Tullycraft, Doug Martsch, The Clientele & Lisa Germano to play on it. He wrote all the songs, and got the great indie bands to play/record them. Pretty cool. Here's what he had to say about it: “Each artist was a different story but, in general, I was a fan before I became a collaborator. Also, we tried to assign proper tracks to people. So wistful, playful artists got songs we wanted to be wistful and playful and the rocking tracks went to bands that could do them justice.”

The soundtrack is out now via iTunes and various independent music stores.

Songs From the Bigtop:
01 Lisa Germano: "Magic"
02 The Clientele: "Your Song"
03 Michael Leviton: "I Only Want the Sky"
04 Damien Jurado: "Ashes"
05 Matthew Sweet: "Wild"
06 Tullycraft: "The Girl Who's Above Us"
07 Howe Gelb: "Falling in Love"
08 The Owls: "I Just Can't Keep Up"
09 Communiqué: "Way to Walk"
10 Marbles: "Something, Nothing, Everything"
11 Eleventh Dream Day: "Planning My Escape"
12 Doug Martsch: "Cracked and Crazed"
13 The Sprites: "Patience"

[MP3] The Clientele - Your Song from "Songs From The Bigtop" (via

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