Monday, October 15, 2007

GREAT NEW MUSIC: Maritime "Heresy and the Hotel Choir"

It's been about a year and a half since I picked up Maritime's fantastic second full length, "We, The Vehicles" (#3 on my Top 25 of 2006), and I've been itching to hear their new disc "Heresy and the Hotel Choir" for a bit. I was a little worried that the last album might have been a fluke, and that any future output from Davey and Co. wouldn't live up to the pop-perfection of "We, The Vehicles". I am worried no more. HATHC abounds with more of the dizzyingly jubilant pop and swaggering up-tempo rockers that made me fall in love with "We, The Vehicles". Davey's voice seems to be getting even better, and is still sending chills up my arms. I cannot recommended this album enough, and if you haven't already, you should also add "We, The Vehicles" to your collection as well.

"Heresy and the Hotel Choir" is available tomorrow (10/16) at all fine independent music stores.

[MP3] Maritime - Pearl from "Heresy and the Hotel Choir" (via
[MP3] Maritime - For Science Fiction from "Heresy and the Hotel Choir" (via

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