Monday, October 22, 2007

GREAT NEW LOCAL MUSIC: The Ginger Envelope "Edible Orchids"

I've been in a pretty laid-back mood lately, in no small part due to the fact that it's getting colder and fall is usually a pretty chill season for me. It's probably part of some long-lost hibernation instinct or something. And since what I listen to is usually dictated by my mood, then this "laid-back" mood requires a similarly "laid-back" type of music. The Ginger Envelope fits the bill, and then some. Slow-drifting, country-tinged, breezy pop permeates once you hit play, and it soon settles into a cozy back corner of your mind. I listened to this album recently as a backseat passenger on an hour and a half car ride through the mountains. The half color-turned leaves, partially barren trees, and rural landscape played out as an appropriate visual interpretation of the soft and beautiful music coming out of my iPod headphones.

Hailing from Athens, GA, The Ginger Envelope features members of some of Athens' finest like Venice is Sinking, Dark Meat, and South San Gabriel/Centro-matic (all of whom I suggest you check out as well). Their debut album "Edible Orchids" is out November 16th via One Percent Press. This album carries my highest recommendation!

[MP3] The Ginger Envelope - Caretaker from "Edible Orchids" (via
[MP3] The Ginger Envelope - Kites from "Edible Orchids" (via
[MP3] The Ginger Envelope - Morning Let Me In from "Edible Orchids" (via

The Ginger Envelope - Myspace

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