Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Grizzly Bear to release new 10-track "Friend" EP

I'm back! New York was a blast thanks to two very amazing friends of mine (Sarah & Andrew, you are the BEST!). The Bookeaters benefit show was interesting, short sets by some very amazing talents (I will post pics/show review later this week), including Kevin Drew who I wasn't even expecting to be there (he was very good BTW). But onto the news at hand, Grizzly Bear (who also had an amazing set at the Bookeaters show) are set to release a 10 song EP, Friend, via Warp Records on November 6th. No track listing yet, but I'm sure we'll see more info soon. This will be the first new material since last year's fantastic Yellow House (which was #2 in my Top 25 of 2006).

Grizzly Bear - website

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