Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FULL SHOW DOWNLOAD: Wolf Parade @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY - 8/19/07

Mad props to Snake's Got a Blog for recording the Wolf Parade show last Sunday (8/19) over at the Warsaw in Brooklyn. Also, mad props to Ryan Meehan who edited out some extraneous crowd noise, and provided a track listing and a photo/CD cover (Ryan also took the above photo). There are quite a few new songs in this set, and all of which have me jonesin' for the new album (especially "Stevie" and "F.Y.C."). Download the whole show HERE.

Wolf Parade @ The Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY - 8/19/07

1. It's A Curse
2. Billy J. --> Language (new)
3. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
4. Soldiers (new)
5. Chinese Way (new)
6. Shine a Light
7. Stevie (new)
8. We Built Another World
9. F.Y.C. (new)
10. I'll Believe in Anything
11. Crazy Horse (new)
12. This Heart's On Fire
13. You Are A Runner --> Fancy Claps

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