Thursday, July 26, 2007

FIRST LISTEN: Magic Weapon

First off, thanks to YANP for the heads up on this band. Magic Weapon is a "Montreal supergroup with tremendous potential and a rad band name, featuring members of Sunset Rubdown, Shapes and Sizes, Think About Life, and Miracle Fortress." Hmmm, sounds good. I'm just now getting around to listening to the few songs floating around, and so far it's keeping me interested but not blown away. I'll keep ya' posted if things change. As always, check out the songs and make up your own mind (there are two more songs on their Myspace page as well). Their S/T ep will be available Oct. 8th (information on where to purchase it is available on their Myspace page).

[MP3] Magic Weapon - Cloudy People from "S/T EP" (via
[MP3] Magic Weapon - Elephant Snow from "Unreleased" (via

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