Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Man, what do I like more than putting copious amounts of mustard on my corndog? Listening to copious amounts of great bands while wiping said mustard off of my lips. That must mean it's time for CORNDOG-O-RAMA!!!! Most indie-music lovin' Atlanta/Athens residents are well versed in the ways of Corndog-o-rama, but things have changed slightly folks. Corndog-o-rama will be held at Lenny's Bar instead of The Earl this year. Why the change? Not sure. I AM sure that a copious amount (my word-o-the-day) of corndog-lovin' hipsters will be quite irritated. Hopefully this next bit of news will sooth those hipsters' dispositions. Fuckin' Mastodon will be playing the last night!!!! Yes, in addition to the...copious amount...of amazing local/national acts such as Snowden, The Selmanaires, The Winter Sounds, The Life and Times, The Hiss, The Coathangers, Silver Lakes, Fiend Without a Face & many, many more...fuckin' Mastodon will be rocking your face off!! I love summertime.

July 12-15 @ Lenny's Bar
3 stages (Main, Side and Outdoor)
$35 for 4 day pass

Checkout the official Corndog-o-rama website for the full schedule. Buy your tickets here. Get directions to Lenny's here.


Rich said...

I understand the move was a money thing. Don't know details, and I'm alright with that.

Not a Mastodon fan, but Fri and Sat look good.

indietodd said...

Yeah, I'm OK with the move as well, but I know quite a few East Atlanta folks that enjoyed being able to walk home afterwards...especially when they drank too many PBRs. The line-up does look great this year!