Friday, February 23, 2007

Everyone's allowed to change their just took me awhile

Let me just start by saying I've never been a huge fan of The Apples in Stereo. As far as their Elephant 6 brethren go (Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, Elf Power), I'm a devoted listener. I just couldn't get into The Apples in Stereo. A couple of my friends have been trying for years to convince me to no avail. They say timing is everything, and maybe I just needed some time...or maybe I just needed them to make this album. "New Magnetic Wonder" grabbed me immediately, and sorta slapped upside the head & said "Dude. Took you long enough." Well I guess I deserved that. This really is some great, intelligent pop. Sunny and bright, in the vein of The Shins, Belle & Sebastian and as expected there's some Of Montreal in there too. "Energy" pulled me in with that Beatle-esque catchy-as-fuck intro chorus, "Same Old Drag" had that same momentum with a great guitar/keyboard driven melody. Man this album fucking kicks. I officially apologize to my friends. You were right, and I am going to revisit their older albums immediately. Do yourself a massive favor and go pick this album up now. Go. Why are you still standing there? Oh, you need to know where to buy it from? My bad.

Get it from Insound, or Criminal Records.

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