Thursday, January 25, 2007

Accessible is not a dirty word

So I just bought the new Deerhoof album, "Friend Opportunity". No, I didn't download it when it leaked like 4 months ago..not that I don't do that kind of thing (sample purposes only..I buy, I swear!!), I just wanted to wait. I sometimes get a little nostalgic about going to the record store the day something comes out, you know...other people there buying the same record, talking about the band in line with some stranger, the guy behind the counter playing the album in the store's stereo, anxiously waiting to buy the CD and aimlessly drive around for an hour playing it. Ahh, memories. So I'm glad I waited. This album fucking kicks. No fucking really kills. Amazing, and every other word for amazing: astounding, stunning, staggering, shocking, breathtaking, sensational, remarkable and FUCKIN' AWESOME!! I read some reviews of it, and one word that seems to get used a lot is accessible. Like, "the new Deerhoof album is their most accessible to date". So what do they mean by accessible? Does "accessible" mean you access the album, or does the album access you (more specifically, the "happy center" part your brain). I like to think it's the latter. And man has my "happy center" been accessed. Yeah the art rock spazziness is not as art-rocky. So? Now their spazziness is hard-rock-alicious. Hooray for my "happy center"!
I do have to say it was fun driving around listening to this album full blast. Especially when I would pull up next to someone at a light. I wonder if they thought "Tinky Winky" just put out rock album.

Buy it at Insound,
or Criminal Records.

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